Ofsted – We are officially outstanding!

We are officially outstanding!  Things have been busy at Little Ripley with four Ofsted inspections in just two months.  We are incredibly proud of our hardworking teams and want to congratulate them on their fantastic achievements.

But don’t just take our word for it…

Wood End Road – Outstanding

“Children are excited to attend this highly engaging and nurturing setting…Children benefit from an inspiring range of opportunities and experiences.”

Burnett Road – Good

“All staff work hard to build relationships and are kind and attentive to the children’s wants and needs. This helps children to feel safe and secure.”

Birmingham Road – Good

“Staff are attentive, building warm and close relationships with children…Children thrive on the praise they receive from staff.”

Wood End Lane – Outstanding

“Staff and child interactions are heart-warming to watch and play a large part in making this nursery outstanding…Children are exceptionally well supported and their self-confidence flourishes.” https://files.ofsted.gov.uk/v1/file/50197141

Looking ahead…

National Nursery Rhyme Week is coming up on 14th-18th November 2022. 

We’ll be in touch with more tips and tricks,

On how we use fun rhymes in our learning mix!