National Story Telling Week

Monday 30th January – Sunday 5th February 2023

At nursery, story time is a daily and much enjoyed part of our day and routine, so we are really looking forward to National Storytelling Week, a national campaign to highlight the importance of reading and sharing stories.  The Literacy Trust report that “spending just 10 minutes a day reading with children can make a crucial difference” to their education and development.

Stories can be found anywhere, from books in libraries to online tools or even your own imagination! The great thing about stories is that anyone can share them. Please join in with us as we celebrate National Story Telling Week and share with us the stories that you enjoy reading with your child at home, or stories that you make up – we would love to hear.  Please post your pictures and comments on the ILD.

We are often asked to suggest suitable story and picture books for young children.  Please click on the link below for some excellent suggestions. 

100 picture books to read before you are 5 years old

Happy reading!