Happy Easter from all at Little Ripley!

We hope you have a lovely weekend celebrating and have put together some activity ideas in case you’re looking for any inspiration.

Do some EGGSperiments:

1. Try the floating egg challenge

2. Dissolving egg experiment…. This is simple, but does need patience.

You need 1 egg, a clear cup, and vinegar.  Place the egg in the cup and cover it with vinegar. After only a few hours, you should be able to see that the shell is dissolving.  Leave the egg in the cup for 7 days and watch it each day. By the 7th day, the egg should be rubbery and shell-less! If you want, allow your child to experiment with the new rubbery egg by trying to bounce it… be warned, it will get messy.

Easter Biscuit Baking –  Tablespoon Biscuit Recipe (Scroll down to find).                                  

Combine maths and cooking to bake delicious biscuits.   Ask your child to measure the ingredients by counting out spoonfuls, set a timer to check the cooking time, decorate and eat.

Play some Easter games ..

1. Egg Walk: This game will help your child to develop their sense of balance and their hand/eye co-ordination.   Place 1 or 2 eggs (can be chocolate eggs, plastic eggs, or hard boiled) on a plastic plate.  Set a start and finish line and ask them to walk the distance without dropping the eggs.

2. Find the chick: This game practises number recognition. Hide a toy chick under numbered plastic cups.  Take turns to see who can find it first.