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Little Ripley Education

Here at Little Ripley Day Nursery our key focus is your child’s development. Our aim is to enable your child to not only reach their full potential, but to surpass this, giving them the best opportunity when starting school.

The starting point to achieving this goal is recognising your child’s interests; their likes and dislikes. This is then coupled with the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance to plan your child’s unique learning journey as they learn through play. Your child’s learning journey will be specific to them, as no child is the same, each individual and unique.

Their journey will encompass exploring, discovering and interacting through both adult and child led activities which are adapted to suit each particular child, allowing accessibility to all. These are then further enhanced through our wide variety of resources and range of media, all of which provide opportunities and encouragement of sharing your child’s thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Our partnership with you is utilised to further your child’s progress. As a parent or guardian, you will be kept well informed of your child’s individual learning journey, as it will be carefully documented, stage by stage, in your child’s interactive learning diary, with regular progress being issued to you.

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Key Facts

Quality & Consistency

A high quality of educational provision is maintained throughout Little Ripley, so that every child makes good progress and no child gets left behind.

Child Uniqueness

Every child is a unique child, who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

Partnership Working

Children’s learning and development is enhanced by the strong relationships between our nursery nurses and parents / carers.

A Secure Foundation

Through learning and development opportunities which are planned around the needs and interests of each individual child and are assessed and reviewed regularly.

Different Ways Of Learning

Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. The framework covers the education and care of all children in early years provision, including children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Positive Relationships

Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.

Equality Of Opportunity

Our nursery operates an equal opportunity policy including an anti-discriminatory practise, ensuring every child is included and supported.

Enabling Environments

Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between nursery nurses and parents.