About Little Ripley Day Nurseries

At Little Ripley Day Nurseries our team have an excellent knowledge of how children learn through play and based on observations we aim to plan exciting activities, which help children to reach their full potential. We aim to provide a high quality of teaching and all our staff take every opportunity to build on the children’s learning. We carry out a precise assessment of our children’s progress, which means our staff identify and address any gaps in learning very effectively.

We have been successful in building excellent partnerships with parents so that all our children’s needs are met through information sharing and working with staff. Children’s health and well-being are given high priority throughout our nurseries, with a focus on healthy eating and fun outdoor exercise.

We operate a well organised system of monitoring staff performance, training and self-evaluation so that children benefit from continuous improvement in their learning experiences. Our management team and staff are highly motivated and work very effectively as a team to focus on aspects of the provision we wish to improve, so that we continue to provide high quality childcare throughout our nurseries.

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Key Facts


All our nurseries are extremely safe because the managers ensure that all staff have a full understanding of safeguarding. This is given the highest priority at the nursery and there are robust procedures in place to protect all our children.

If any person other than yourself is collecting your children from nursery, please ensure we are fully informed beforehand.


Our fees are payable weekly or monthly in advance by standing order, cheque or cash. We also accept child-care vouchers and work with the early years funding scheme. If there is a lapse of four weeks from the agreed date of payment, the nursery reserves the right to withdraw child care services. Payments need to be continued in the event of illness or holiday, including Bank Holidays, in order to retain the place. A month’s notice is needed to terminate the contract.

Behaviour Policy

Little Ripley Day Nurseries promote and encourage good behaviour. Clear intervention is implemented to children who bully their peers. Parents are informed immediately. Handling of behaviour is consistent and developmentally appropriate, respecting individual children’s level of understanding and maturity.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Little Ripley Day Nurseries believes that no child, individual or family should be excluded from the nursery’s activities on the grounds of age, gender, sexuality, class, family status, means, disability, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief.


Little Ripley Day Nurseries caters specifically to the needs of every child. A tracking and monitoring programme is in place so that the progress of every child is monitored, that each child is meeting his or her personal targets and, where this isn’t the case, intervention strategies can be implemented.

Additional learning support is provided for all children with special educational needs, for children who are more able and children who speak English as an additional language.

Our Team

Consistent high quality care is maintained throughout our nurseries by our consistent, reliable staff, all of which hold the relevant childcare qualifications. Our team shape their professional development through regular training as we have a strong drive for continual improvement. We aim to work effectively with a wide range of other professionals to support children and their families throughout their nursery experience.

Meet The Ripley Team

Ruth Appleby

Company Director

Jayne Lucas

Head Of Administration

Tom Oakey

Company Director

Jenny Appleby

Company Director

Jan Sadler

Accounts Manager

Vanessa Cole

Regional Coordinator / Tudor Close Manager

Leanne Lay

No2 Goldieslie Road Manager

Alice Ripley

No4 Goldieslie Road Manager

Amanda Dalley

Marsh Hill Manager

Julie Walmsley

Oscott School Lane Manager

Rebecca Rodgers

Old Oscott Hill Manager

Kerry Toland

Kingsbury Road Manager

Mandy Gobourne

Wood End Lane Manager

Jessica Hamilton

Short Heath Road Manager

Jane Scott

Warren Road Manager

Sadie Johnson

Withy Hill Manager

Emma Appleby

Wood End Road